The Major Transfers of the Favorites of the Premier League. Prospects of Winning the Title

The Major Transfers of the Favorites of the Premier League. Prospects of Winning the Title.

The summer of 2023 is coming to an end and so is the football transfer window. The start of the best league in the world is always interesting, but there are still people who want to know about the chances of clubs to win the league.

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It will be easier to make a correct prediction if you have some idea and know what the clubs have been up to in the summer. And now we will try to help a little in this by going over the prospects of the two main favorites.


The London club can be considered to have done a pretty good job already this summer. Of course, the most expensive transfer in the history of the English championship, Declan Rice, stands out among the most high-profile transfers. This is exactly the player who was pursued by many.

But the place in the base and the prospects did their job and tipped the bowls in Arsenal’s favor. This player can bring a lot to Arsenal’s midfield, and since he is already adapted to the English Championship, because he has been playing here all his life, he won’t need time to get used to it.

Kai Havertz and Timber are two other expensive players who will strengthen the Londoners. It is safe to say that Timber is a reinforcement in the defensive line. As for Kai, there are a lot of controversies, because while he played for another London football club, he has not been able to prove his worth yet. Although, maybe this is the opportunity to restart his career.


If you consider everything carefully, you can say that Arsenal can improve a lot this season, because they have only lost Granit Xhaka, and the team has strengthened a lot, so it can be argued that they will be even more competitive this season.

Manchester City

But the reigning champions had a more passive summer, there were no incredibly strong reinforcements. In fact, the only such important purchase is Mateo Kovacic, who arrived at the club for 30 million. Yes, it’s not something incredible, but it’s a change for Ilkay Gundogan who left the club. They play almost in the same position.

Obviously, the Croatian is not a great replacement, but he is still an undeniable talent, and quite young. That’s why Guardiola decided to lure him, he can use him in many different roles and thus cover the midfield a bit more.

We’ve already mentioned the transfer of Gundogan to Barcelona. This can be considered a significant loss. However, as can be analyzed, it was not a difficult task for Pep to replace him. He also loaned several young players and released Benjamin Mendy, whom the coach is no longer counting on.

We can also mention Yoshko Guardiola, who according to many rumors is already a City player and the most expensive defender in history. And this purchase is very interesting, because this Croatian is really one of the strongest in his position and also one of the most promising, because despite his age, he managed to spend a very strong season both in Germany and in the Champions League.

Therefore, you can definitely say that Manchester City is still the favorite in all competitions, because the main stars are still in excellent shape, and motivated youth will also prove that it is not in vain here. That is why many predict another championship in a row for this team.

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